The selection of the right school to suit your child’s personality and interests is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. The MCS endeavours to place the individual needs of each learner as a priority and will do everything possible to apprise you of all the school has to offer, so that you are able to make an informed decision.


Prospective parents and pupils are welcome to contact us to visit our school, and be taken on a tour of our facilities.


If you would like to enroll your child at The Mountain Cambridge School, you need to fill out an application form, which can be downloaded from the website or obtained from the school secretary when visiting the school by appointment. It is advisable to apply for admission as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

Upon receipt of your application form and fee payment, you will receive acknowledgment.

Submission of an application form does not imply automatic acceptance for your child. Although the date of application orders the waitlist, special consideration is given to siblings.

Once you have received confirmation of your application, you will be required to accept the school’s Conditions of Admission and Code of Conduct.


A parent or legal guardian applying for registration of a pupil must fill in an application form, pay the necessary non-refundable application fee (R300) and furnish The Mountain Cambridge School with the following documents:

  • 2 ID photos
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Copies of the parents’/ guardians’ IDs or passport
  • Proof of residence i.e. utility bill
  • Proof of Income i.e. copy of payslip
  • Most recent school report and most recent therapeutic reports where applicable
  • Study permit where applicable
  • Proof of payment of the application fee of R300


Boarding (Gr 7-12)LEVEL ANNUALLY TERMLY x 3
Jan – Oct
Pre-Primary *
Grade 000 R 31 070 R 10 355 R 3 185
Grade 00 R 41 645 R 13 880 R 4 270
Grade R* R 49 660 R 16 555 R 5 090
Grades 1* – 6 R 64 510 R 21 505 R 6 615
Grade 7 R 67 460 R 22 458 R 6 915
LSL (Grade 8) R 70 970 R 23 655 R 7 275
IGCSE (Grade 9 & 10)
AS (Grade 11 & 12)
R 79 150 R 26 385 R 8 115
Boarding (Gr 7-12) R 55 000 R 18 335 R 5 640

*Gr 000 to Gr 1 tuition fees include Play ball & Manners4Minors fees

The following discounts apply:

5%Sibling Discount for 2nd child and 10% Sibling Discount for 3rd child
7% Discount if Fees are paid annually in advance before 30th November
5% Discount if Fees are paid annually in advance before 31st January

Additional costs:
Non-Refundable Acceptance Fees
Primary School     R 3,500.00 – Once off Per Registration
High School           R 5 000.00 – Once off Per Registration
Boarding School   R 4 500.00 – Once off Per Registration

Annual Payments (Each year)
Pre-Primary – Grade 7: Annual Registration Fee R 1 100
Pre-Primary – Grade 7: Classroom Resource Fee R 1 400
Grade R – Grade 7 – Computer Levy                       R 800
Subtotal:     R 3 300

Please note:
School fees are compulsory and are payable strictly in advance. The following methods of payment are available:
1. Annual tuition fees paid in full by the end of November for the following year: discounted by 7%
2. Annual tuition fees paid in full on the 31st January: discounted by 5%
3. Monthly tuition fees: due and payable on the first of every month over a 10 month period (Jan – Oct).
4. Termly tuition fees: due and payable on the first day of January, May and September.
5. A full term’s notice, in writing, or the equivalent fee in lieu thereof is required prior to the withdrawal of a pupil.
6. All tours, school excursions and theatre outings are payable when advised of the event.
7. The above School Fees EXCLUDE Cambridge external exams, some text books, stationery packs and private extra-murals. (The Cambridge External Exam Fees are quoted in £’s and are payable on exam registration at the rate of exchange.)


The Mountain Cottage School

Nedbank Brits

Account Number: 1469021153

Branch Code: 187646

NB! Proof of payment to:

Reference on Payment: Oldest child in MCS’s name and surname

MCS School Fees 2020 DOWNLOAD

The MCS Application Form


The MCS Primary School Prospectus




The MCS High School Prospectus  

  • Consideration will be given to all applicants. Admission to the school is at the discretion of the Principal or person delegated in the absence of the Principal.
  • No student shall be precluded on the basis of race, colour, gender, religion or creed.
  • Students, who are more than two years than the average age of their grade, will not be considered for enrollment.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to provide information on known disabilities of the students.
  • Applicants must possess the required level of competence to cope with the school’s curriculum. The school reserves the right to conduct a scholastic assessment prior to admitting the applicant. Should a scholastic assessment be required, this will be at the parents’ expense.
  • Applications will not be considered unless all the required documentation and information is provided.
  • Parent/Guardian acceptance of the Terms of Admission of Mountain Cambridge School provides prior permission to the Headmaster to arrange random drug tests at his/her discretion.
  • The following regarding finances is important; on processing the application, the school may undertake a credit check and the school may deem it necessary to refuse acceptance or to charge an additional term’s school fees to be held as a deposit and used in the event of a non-payment of school fees.

The MCS Boarding School strives to create a home environment away from home. All MCS boarders are required to uphold the Mountain Cambridge School’s Code of Conduct and are bound by the rules at all times. It is expected of MCS boarders that they involve themselves in a high standard of conduct in their relationships with others and the School. It is our intention to ensure that the boarding house is a safe, happy place where our learners will strive to leave Mountain Cambridge as confident, effective, well-mannered, articulate, educated and enthusiastic citizens of the world who will contribute positively to society.

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