Using the student centered approach Mountain Cambridge School will attempt to ensure that:


Mountain Cambridge School is an independent school offering an internationally recognised quality education.  Recognised as a top quality academic school, consistently achieving above world average results in all subject areas.


We want to equip our learners to be “real world ready”.

  • Participating students will strive to leave Mountain Cambridge School as confident, effective, well-mannered, articulate, educated and enthusiastic citizens of the world who will contribute positively to society.
  • Mountain Cambridge School will provide a range of programmes and facilities for intellectual, physical, moral and social development of our students, assisting them in becoming balanced young adults.
  • Mountain Cambridge School will foster a safe, pleasant, intimate yet dynamic learning environment where every student will feel at home. It will be a school which the educators,
    students and parents will be proud to be part of and to be associated with. We strongly believe in a successful partnership between the school and the home.
  • Mountain Cambridge School will give all our students an equal opportunity to realize their potential through individual goal setting that is obtainable and realistic. We will ensure that all students are challenged and supported.
  • The Cambridge curriculum provides a wide range of academic and vocational subjects to account for differing abilities, making Cambridge suitable for all students.
  • The Cambridge curriculum will enable our students to gain an internationally recognized qualification and to produce independent thinkers who are also autonomous learners.
  • Our dedicated and passionate educators will ensure that the highest standard of education is