Focuses on children learning to communicate in Afrikaans/Setswana to the best of their ability. Skills are developed through communication in a range of planned activities, using a range of stimuli.

  • Language Afrikaans

Language skills of listening, speaking, reading and the building of vocabulary and phonics are taught through various activities. The Afrikaans reading programme encourages the learners to expand their vocabulary and develop effective comprehension skills. An internal curriculum is followed.

  • Language Setswana

Language skills of listening, speaking are taught through various activities.

  • Drama

Assists in development of confidence, good speech, and clarity of communication, imagination and free expression.

  • Library/Media Centre

Library and Information Research Skills are presented by Class Teachers and ICT skills are encouraged. Each classroom also has its own dedicated “cave” area/ library area. Once every second week the learners visit our school’s own library for a formal library guidance lesson.