While the Mountain Cambridge Little School embraces the guidelines of the ISASA curriculum, we have opted to incorporate these guidelines as part of an emergent curriculum in order to ensure that we capture the imagination and curiosity of the children within our care. This type of approach ensures that the materials we present to the children cover the required skills, remain relevant, appeal to the child’s interest and can be adapted as required. This in turn ensures that the way we present information or ideas to the children remains dynamic, fresh and exciting and ensures their active participation.

The approach that is incorporated into the Pre-Primary is the Reggio Emilia approach. In the Reggio Emilia approach children are viewed as curious, competent, ambitious, creative and capable individuals who ultimately are in control of their own learning. They therefore require a nurturing, dynamic, enriched and supportive environment in which purposeful play takes place, and where the children are reconnected with nature and encouraged to explore and discover.

It is the educator’s role to nurture and guide the children, to listen to what they have to offer, include them in the decision making process and ultimately foster in the child, a love of nature and lifelong learning.

The educational cornerstones that our pre-school’s curriculum is based on are:

  1. Core development
  • Physical
  • Socio-emotional
  • Cognitive/Academic
  • Normative
  • Perceptual
  1. Miscellaneous
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Creative arts
  • Beginning knowledge