• The Pre–Primary children are to be personally handed over to the educator in the mornings and fetched from the educator unless arrangements have been made to make use of the aftercare facilities or the bus drop off service.
  • The Educator must be informed if a child is to make use of the aftercare facilities or school transport system after the completion of the relevant documentation.
  • If a child is to go home with somebody other than their parent the educator must be informed as no child in the Pre-Primary will be handed over to an unidentified person.
  • The children are to wear old clothes to school as sand, water and other messy activities are included in the daily programme. It is advisable to pack in an extra set of clothes.
  • The children must be protected from the harmful effects of the sun by providing them with a hat and additional sunscreen. It is advisable to smear sunscreen on your child before school each morning.
  • The children must be provided with a healthy snack and additional water. Limit items containing refined sugars, high GIs, colourants and preservatives. Whole wheat bread, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, raisins, cheese or yoghurt are far healthier options. No sweets are allowed except on Mondays when the children are allowed to buy tuck. Please limit the spending money to R10.
  • To avoid tears and frustration toys are not allowed at school and will be taken away until home time.
  • To prevent the spreading of diseases an ill child is not allowed at school. The children will be monitored during the day and if it is noticed that a child is ill he/she will be sent home to receive the necessary care.
  • We have a “no medication” policy and therefore if your child needs medication please administer it before and after school.

Each child’s birthday is celebrated by means of a special birthday ring on the child’s birthday. The birthday child can supply a cupcake per child in the Pre-Primary. No party packs are allowed.