LSL builds on the primary stage, and develops students’ knowledge and skills.

The 4 major subjects are:

  • Mathematics;
  • English;
  • Science (which includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Information and Communication Technology

At the end of grade 8/form 1 students will write Cambridge Checkpoint exams in the following 3 major subjects: English, Mathematics and Science, set and marked by the CAIE, providing detailed diagnostic information on students’ strengths and weaknesses, before students move onto the IGCSE Level.

Other subjects offered on this level are:

Afrikaans 2nd Language, History & Geography, Economic and Management Sciences (EMS), and the students will write internal exams in these subjects.

Non exam subjects: Personal Development Programme, Art and Music.

Cambridge Music

The Music Programme at MCS follows the Cambridge Secondary Music Curriculum. The Cambridge Secondary Music, assist students to:

  • cultivate a joy of music through participating in meaningful and enjoyable experiences
  • develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to think and contribute as musicians
  • collaborate with others in purposeful and expressive ways through singing and playing instruments
  • nurture individual and collective creativity
  • use their growing knowledge to explore and generate music that is unique, valuable and relevant.

The Cambridge approach encourages students to be responsible, innovative, confident, engaged and reflective.

Cambridge Art and Technology

Cambridge Secondary Art & Design provides a platform for personal expression and encourages students to embrace every opportunity to pursue their own ideas. Students will also benefit from regular opportunities for collaboration, sharing ideas and learning from others. They will collaborate with peers to solve problems, share experimentation and celebrate outcomes.