The students’ involvement in community and environmental projects are an essential part of our school curriculum. Our school’s motto for our outreach arm is: “be the change you want to see in the world”. Our aim is to lead by example, to serve others, to respect other cultures and to contribute positively to society. We will be involved in reading schemes, numeracy and literacy training, art workshops and skills development.

Environment Awareness

We have achieved Eco School – Platinum status. We care about doing our part to advance the “green” movement. By using products that are environmentally friendly, we can lead by example and make our learners aware, from a practical view, how it is enforced. We have also introduced a formal recycling initiative into our school environment from the Executive Head’s office to the classrooms. Each learner, as part of a team, will have a turn to categorise and dispose of our clean recyclable litter. We will educate the school staff and learners on which items of litter can be recycled and hope that the ideas will filter into your homes too, among others.

Also envisaged is:

  • Social responsibility & investment.
  • Establishment of an educational trust.
  • Partners with the Mountain Cambridge School’s support of Ennis Thabong Primary, Lesedi House, CANSA and Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society.
  • Santa Shoebox project.