As the name suggests this is an interdisciplinary learning area that orientates students to engage in a personal development journey towards life – life with all of its tests and contests – to prepare our students to be real world ready.

PDP is concerned with developing knowledge about the self and skills that will enable young people to engage socially, to be responsible citizens, and to live healthy and productive lives. It is also about adopting a positive attitude towards physical activities, fitness and recreation. Our school supports the “Healthy body Healthy mind” philosophy. We want to prepare our students to be morally responsible, law-abiding participants in our multifaceted country.

These include opportunities to engage in the development and practice of a variety of life skills, to solve problems, to make informed decisions and choices and to take appropriate actions to live meaningfully and successfully in a rapidly changing society. The PDP programme is compulsory for all our students from Grade 4 – 12.

The PDP focus areas are: (this is cost inclusive)

  • Personal well-being
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Social Development/Citizenship Education
  • Physical Development and Movement
  • Careers /Career Choices and Business Behaviour – orientation to the world of work
  • Leadership Development: Duty Panel members &, Classroom monitors
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development & Financial Planning
  • Mentorship programme
  • Cambridge Music
  • Cambridge Physical Education
  • Tournaments of Minds