The General Studies Programme including Social Sciences (History and Geography) and EMS (Grade 6 & 7) is integrated throughout the curriculum by means of specifically planned and prepared activities planned around our themes.

We aim to develop in our learners a life-long desire to learn and explore. This is encouraged through the teaching of exciting lessons, setting challenging projects and extending the learning experience through trips and tours to exhibitions, plays and places of interest. Geographical skills and knowledge are integral to the understanding and appreciation of the environment in which we live. Responsible citizenship is fostered through an appreciation of the inter-dependence of society, nature, water, air, soil, vegetation and even the urban environment. Our learners are taught an appreciation of the sustainable use of the environment in which they live. Skills such as reading and interpreting maps; using symbols, scale, distance and direction; graphical and drawing skills and the translating of mapped information into the written word are taught. Learners study the relationships between people and themselves and their environment from the past to the present and looking forward into the future.

The Economic and Management Sciences Learning Area teaches financial literacy and develops entrepreneurial skills. In History our focus is to encourage an open-minded, questioning and critical attitude. Not only will children understand History, but we hope they will come to value it for the interesting, fun and challenging subject that it is.