At MCS we offer a combination of Cambridge Computing and Digital Literacy, which both explain how computers operate in a range of contexts. Although they are two different subjects, they are complimentary to each other. They can be broadly described as follows:

Computing: Learners develop a technical understanding of computer systems where processes are increasingly undertaken by computer-controlled technology. This includes opportunities for developing programs of their own, using languages such as ‘Scratch’ and ‘Python’.
Digital Literacy: Learners will use computer software safely and responsibly in a range of global contexts. They will also understand how technology is enabling global communities to grow.

The combination of these subjects allows learners to explore the digital and computing world in various ways. An emphasis is placed on group work and class discussions, where every learner is heard. Using ‘Thinking Maps’ and ‘thinking routines’ helps focus the discussions and provides a good platform to express ideas and answers.